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Lightshifters – The Great One – Video

    Greetings earthlings,

    we have made a lyric video for our latest song The Great One. This is for everyone who lost their sense of self, self worth, hope and dreams trying to find a way back. This time, braving every danger, throwing all fears aside and redeeming the savior inside, the great one. Be you, don´t let anyone take away your light.

    Lightshifters – The Great One (Lyric Video) from Lightshifters.

    We are the Lightshifters:

    Lightshifters – Voices

      The final version of our song “Voices” is available on Bandcamp. We don’t want that history repeats itself! This song is a statement against hate, ignorance and lies. Please share the link!

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      Improvised hymn to nature

        The past two weeks we stayed in Norway to visit friends and family. One of our jogging paths led us to a lake in a valley with a wonderful echo. Of course we had to try to capture that amazing ambience on video:

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        Lightshifters announce “The Storm”

          Warning signs of storm! The Lightshifters announce their new single “The Storm”. It will be available in a few weeks – stay tuned for news and watch out for signs!

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          Lightshifters Video Journal 003

            Just uploaded: The third addition to our video journal on YouTube! We want to show you some outtakes of our video for the song LUMINOUS – these clips haven’t been used in the final version…

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            Luminous – Video

              We proudly present the music video for our debut song Luminous:

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              Lightshifters Video Journal 001

                After the incredible good response to our first song “Luminous” we are in the process of writing new songs for an album. Get a sneak peek into our creative work! We start with a video journal today:

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                “Zeichensetzung” by Odradek

                  Video of Odradek, performing his track “Zeichensetzung” at the Klang/Kunst exhibition in Lübeck 2010:

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                  “Believed” by Phoenix

                    Here is an old song, written by Phoenix! Enjoy “Believed”:

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