PROMETHEA – Debut EP “Dreams Surreal”

    The alternative art pop project Promethea had recently its first EP release, “Dreams Surreal”. The music has been solely produced by Marthe B-L Pfirrmann, blending genres like dream pop, electronic and cinematic music. Her haunting vocals and dreamlike soundscapes explores the space between night and day, from being in a dream state to being awake. She also made a music video for her song “Rush” that is out on YouTube. Check out the links below.

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    Improvised hymn to nature

      The past two weeks we stayed in Norway to visit friends and family. One of our jogging paths led us to a lake in a valley with a wonderful echo. Of course we had to try to capture that amazing ambience on video:

      We are the Lightshifters:

      Marthe Borge-Lunde Pfirrmann and Klaus Lunde on Café del Mar “Dreams 8”

        This is just 50% Lightshifters news, but actually quite big for both of us: Marthe Borge-Lunde Pfirrmann and her Norwegian collaborator Klaus Lunde feel honoured to announce that their track „Goodbye“ is part of the latest compilation by Café del Mar „Dreams 8“. The song originally has been released on their EP „Let Silence Roam“. This is another step towards more attention and a bigger audience – the music deserves it!

        We are the Lightshifters:

        Demo: Forglemmegei

          To shorten the wait to the release of our single “The Storm” we decided to upload a very special demo version on Soundcloud for you. Forglemmegei is the first song, Phoenix wrote in Norwegian. The name means the flower Forget-me-not. A symbol of remembrance. The Peacock Butterfly (Aglias io) picture was taken after its many visits in our studio. Amongst the things butterflies symbolize are love, souls, spirits and rebirth. The song is about the loss of a loved one.

          We are the Lightshifters: