Lightshifters – Voices

    The final version of our song “Voices” is available on Bandcamp. We don’t want that history repeats itself! This song is a statement against hate, ignorance and lies. Please share the link!

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    Lightshifters say thank you!

      We feel very honoured that we have won the second prize in the genre Electronic Music with our song „Fire“. Over 750 productions took part in the competition. Thank you all, who voted for us!

      Download our music here!

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      Strange Species by Tanya Chua

        It is a special and exciting day for us today, and we´re thrilled to share with you 蔡健雅 Tanya Chua´s new song/music video «Strange Species»! Michael´s dark electronic arrangement is perfectly molded to Tanya´s wonderful song and beautiful longing vocals. Narrating the world we live in today, how alienated and distanced we´ve become in a seemingly cold technological world. How to find a way back again to the core, to oneself and people of the same kind.

        Producer: 安棟, Tanya 蔡健雅
        Arranged: Michael Pfirrmann, 安棟
        Additional recording–
Drums Percussion: Quinn
        Recorded at NRG Studio, North Hollywood, CA
        Engineered: Kyle Hoffmann
        Mixed by Richard Furch at the mixHaus studios, Los Angeles
        Assisted by Jorel Corpus

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          Apple finally managed to update iTunes and Apple Music! We are now able to share stuff in our newsfeed like Trent Reznor or other big acts, who have a special deal with them (maybe Trent just uses the latest iPhone, who knows…). But anyway: Welcome to our Connect page on Apple Music. Don’t forget to follow us there or on our other social media platforms to stay informed!

          Lightshifters Promo 2013

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          Lightshifters – Flickering Lights is released today

            Exciting news: Our new single with the tracks „Flickering Lights“ and „Eternal Mortals“ is officially released today, the 27th of March (digital release). Check it out on iTunes or Amazon for example or follow us on Spotify! Of course you can visit our page on Bandcamp, download it here, if you would like to support us directly.

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            Lightshifters announce new single: Flickering Lights / Eternal Mortals

              We are very happy to announce our new single with the tracks „Flickering Lights“ and „Eternal Mortals“. It will be officially released as a digital download worldwide on the 27th of March. But we couldn’t wait and made it available already exclusively on Bandcamp – you can stream and download it here! Pass it on, share it, leave a comment, give us a sign, when you like it – there are Flickering Lights!

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              Lightshifters „Fire“ on Orkus!-Compilation 102

                Once again we have been asked by German music magazine Orkus! to add a Lightshifters song to the CD-Compilation that comes with the magazine. It turned out that they love the song „Fire“ very much, which is the second song on our Single-CD „The Storm“. We agreed that it really deserves more attention and feel honoured by such a great feedback! So watch out for Orkus! No. 10 and find our song „Fire“ on Orkus!-Compilation 102.

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                Klangkomplex – Lightshifters Webshop

                  Now you can order your copy of our Single-CD “The Storm” in our own webshop. Visit the Klangkomplex Webshop to buy CDs and merchandise produced by Lightshifters. Other items will follow as soon as possible!


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                  Lightshifters remix of Plastic Girl on Spotify

                    Our remix of the song “Plastic Girl” by the Spanish synth pop duo Mondträume is available on Spotify, now! The remix is part of the deluxe edition of their great debut album “Empty”, which will be released on alfa matrix end of the week. Listen to it here:

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