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    Apple finally managed to update iTunes and Apple Music! We are now able to share stuff in our newsfeed like Trent Reznor or other big acts, who have a special deal with them (maybe Trent just uses the latest iPhone, who knows…). But anyway: Welcome to our Connect page on Apple Music. Don’t forget to follow us there or on our other social media platforms to stay informed!

    Lightshifters Promo 2013

    We are the Lightshifters:

    Lightshifters – Flickering Lights is released today

      Exciting news: Our new single with the tracks „Flickering Lights“ and „Eternal Mortals“ is officially released today, the 27th of March (digital release). Check it out on iTunes or Amazon for example or follow us on Spotify! Of course you can visit our page on Bandcamp, download it here, if you would like to support us directly.

      We are the Lightshifters:

      Scarecrow by Xerxes & Phoenix

        “Scarecrow”, written by Xerxes & Phoenix (Klaus Lunde and Marthe Borge-Lunde Pfirrmann), is officially released today and is available in shops like iTunes as well as on Spotify! Stream it, buy it, share it, if you like it! 🙂

        We are the Lightshifters: