Lightshifters remix of the song Hunter by Mari Kattman

    The best way to start the new year is, without a doubt, music! We’re thrilled to be a part of Mari Kattman’s new Hover/Remixed album, that has just been released. The Lightshifters remix of Hunter is the opener of the album – check it out!

    We are the Lightshifters:

    Michael Pfirrmann arranges the song Strange Species for Tanya Chua

      We want to keep you informed, what is happening in the Lightshifters universe! This is another BIG NEWS for us: I (Michael) had the pleasure to arrange the song “Strange Species” for the award-winning Singaporean singer-songwriter Tanya Chua. My purpose has been to create an atmospheric electronic soundscape that fits to her inspiring lyrics and vocals. It turned out that this song has been chosen to be the first single from the new album! Wow… what a great honor!!

      Tanya Chua, resided in Taiwan, has started to promote the release of her new album “Aphasia” with a YouTube clip – the album will be released on November the 13th. Enjoy some impressions from the recording- and mixing-sessions in Los Angeles and listen to a snippet of “Strange Species”!

      We are the Lightshifters:

      Mondträume “Empty” with Lightshifters remix of “Plastic Girl”

        Our friends, the Spanish dark synth pop duo Mondträume release their debut album „Empty“ on the 26th of April. Thanks to Séba from the record label Alfa Matrix we got the deluxe edition of the album already – a great package with the 12 original songs and not fewer than 15 remixes by several artists – among them you’ll find our Lightshifters remix of „Plastic Girl“! On iTunes you already can prelisten and preorder the Lightshifters remix of “Plastic Girl” and all the other tracks of the album “Empty” by Mondträume. Thank you Damasius Venys, Pikotto VondMond and the people from Alfa Matrix that you gave us the opportunity to be a part of this release – keep up the good work!


        We are the Lightshifters: