EP-Cover-Mental Exile

Mental Exile EP: Exile Nights

    Our friend Damasius Venys, leadsinger of the Spanish dark electro band Mondträume, has launched his solo project Mental Exile. The EP “Exile Nights” gives a good impression of the upcoming album: you can expect classic eighties synthwave. Marthe Borge-Lunde Pfirrmann contributed her vocals on the song “Her Only Wish”. The EP contains a remix of that song made by Vincenzo Salvia. You can download/buy the EP on Bandcamp.

    We are the Lightshifters: http://www.lightshifters.de/

    Lightshifters remix of Plastic Girl on Spotify

      Our remix of the song “Plastic Girl” by the Spanish synth pop duo Mondträume is available on Spotify, now! The remix is part of the deluxe edition of their great debut album “Empty”, which will be released on alfa matrix end of the week. Listen to it here:

      We are the Lightshifters: http://www.lightshifters.de/

      Mondträume “Empty” with Lightshifters remix of “Plastic Girl”

        Our friends, the Spanish dark synth pop duo Mondträume release their debut album „Empty“ on the 26th of April. Thanks to Séba from the record label Alfa Matrix we got the deluxe edition of the album already – a great package with the 12 original songs and not fewer than 15 remixes by several artists – among them you’ll find our Lightshifters remix of „Plastic Girl“! On iTunes you already can prelisten and preorder the Lightshifters remix of “Plastic Girl” and all the other tracks of the album “Empty” by Mondträume. Thank you Damasius Venys, Pikotto VondMond and the people from Alfa Matrix that you gave us the opportunity to be a part of this release – keep up the good work!


        We are the Lightshifters: http://www.lightshifters.de/