Lightshifters release “The Storm” today

    Big news: Our single is available on Bandcamp! The release contains two tracks: “The Storm” and “Fire”. You can listen to them with this player. Please click on the buy- or the share-button and spread the word, when you like what you hear! We have put a lot of work in this – the complete production, the music and the artwork: 100% Lightshifters!

    We are the Lightshifters:

    The work is done!

      Our single contains two tracks, “The Storm” and “Fire”. We know that some of you gorgeous people waited a long time for this. We got really impatient as well and since we didn’t sell our souls to some kind of propaganda machinery we decided to make the songs available for download on Bandcamp on Friday the 23rd. All the other download-shops and the official release of the CD will follow end of September.

      Lightshifters Promo 2013

      We are the Lightshifters: